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5 steps to prepare of a horse show

5 steps on how to improve your experience going to a horse show!

How to deliver horse feed

Working at a feed store you run into a lot of different challenges when delivering horse feed.

How to save $$$ on your horse feeding bill

I walk through several stories and examples of how to save money on your horse feeding bill

What are Bedding pellets?

Bedding pellets are similar to shavings, watch the explanation.

Typical Friday at a feed store

Following around two employees at the feed store to see how their different Fridays are.

How to change your horses diet

A phone call from the feed store walking a customer through changing her horses diet.

Raplast no chew spray for Horses

A few uses for Raplast spray

What are blister beetles, and Alfalfa education

An education over what a blister beetle is, and explanation of why they are found in alfalfa.

Store Manager loses the Money. Vlog #3

Store Manager, Terry, loses the bank bag and spends half the day looking for it.

Horse farm tour around OKC

We follow the delivery truck to horse farms in Oklahoma City on Vlog #2

Cook Feed Store Vlog #1

A day in the life of someone who works at a feed store

Toy ideas for the little ones

A few toy ideas from the feed store

Christmas gifts for your lady

A few christmas gift ideas from the store

Steves Horse Show dirty Santa gifts

A few dirty santa gift ideas

Probios Product Review

Explanation of what probiotics do for the horses digestive system

5 Different tank de-ice solutions

I go over a few different ways to de ice a bucket, stock tank or things of the like in the winter time.

3 tips for helping your horse in the winter

3 tips for cold weather and your horse

Thanks to our Customers

Thanking each of our customers for their support. Thank you thank you!

What kind of hay should I feed my horse

Horse owners in the midwest commonly feed two different hay options. Bermuda and alfalfa. Let's look into this

Steves Horse Show Mane and Tail

Steve talks about his favorite hair conditioner "Mane and Tail" for his hair!

3 steps to prepare your horse for an emergency

Steves Horse Show interviews Large Animal First Responders and gets three tips to preparing you and your horse for an emergency

Beet Pulp for Horses

Does beet pulp help your horse gain weight? Beet Pulp product review

2018 elk hunt

Elk hunting trip to Colorado with family and friends

How to choose the right horse blanket

How to measure your horse for a blanket, how to pick the right thickness, and material for your horse blanket

5 performance horse supplements in 2 minutes

5 performance horse supplement reviews in two minutes

5 steps to jumping horses

Steve is taught how to jump a horse in 5 steps from trainer Rebecca Buchanan

Making a custom cowboy hat with Schafer Hat Works in Noble OK

Steves Horse Show visits Schafer Hat Works in Noble OK

Product Review- cough free

Steve's Horse Show Product Review of Cough Free

Steve's Horse Show Product Review Clovite

Clovite Product Review

Red Earth Training Center Spotlight

Steve's Horse Show visits Red Earth Training Center

How much water do horses need?

Steve looks into the importance and necessity of horses and their need for water

How to start kids showing horses

How to start kids showing horses interviewed at the Arabian youth national show.

Product Review- Outlast ulcer support

Steve reviews Outlast ulcer supplement for horses

Product Review- Mare Magic

Steve Reviews Mare Magic a hormone balancing supplement for horses.

What do you do at a horse show??

Steve's Horse Show is at the Arabian Youth National Horse Show trying to figure out what's going on!

Product Review Calm and Cool

Steve's Horse Show review of Calm and Cool

Dressage explained by Robin Hessel

Robin Hessel Of Valley View Equestrian Center talks about Dressage

Product Review- Magic Cushion

Hooves become swollen, sore, dry and all kinds of issues. Magic cushion is a simple easy to find solution

Family vacation to Florida

Steve's Horse Show In Review

After 35 interviews with farms/vets/jockeys/trainers, 2 ranch spotlights, and a ton of product reviews we thought it might be nice to have a little recap.

Lazy E Ranch and Arena

This ranch spotlight shows footage and gives an explanation of Lazy E ranch and what they do.

Product Review- Electroplex Paste

Horse electrolyte paste called electroplex product review

Product Review - Ichthammol

Reviews and thoughts over drawing salves and their uses

Product Review- Muscle Up

Reviewing and giving thoughts about muscle up a popular horse supplement

Product Review- Nu Stock

Nu stock is an antibacterial paste good for tons of different uses for several animals

Product Review- Sand Clear

Reviewing the product sand clear and its effectiveness for horses

The Basics of Roping

Chris Dennis teaches me the basics of roping and how to work on fundamentals.

Express Ranch

Ranch Spotlight showing off the express ranch and express Clydesdale farm in Yukon Oklahoma

How to sell horse supplements

Peighton Coleman with Okstate pom teaches me to cheer. In return, I teach her how to sell horse supplements.

Halter Horse Business

Having been in the halter horse business and raised nearly 60 world and reserve world champions Russell McIntosh knows a thing or two about how to breed a nice looking horse.

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